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One thing about us is our belief that the web doesn't need another 'about us' webpage! And although we could write here about how we both love sewing and creating, and our business is our passion and ministry that we care deeply about, and how our husbands' support and understanding of this endevour has been nothing short of exceptional...instead we want to give you some little pieces of useless information about us that will help you understand the quirky women behind this business!


Marilyn {mother}

Ranae {daughter}

Favorite color? green pink
Do you dye your hair? no yes
First sewing project? Barbie doll clothes quilts
Favorite candy? chocolate covered raisins anything chocolate
Where do I live? on a farm in the city
Skill I wish I had? organization knitting
Spare time hobby? reading playing mrs. pacman
Favorite soup? cream of mushroom cream of chicken
How many years married? 37 years 12 years
Most interesting job ever? milking cows & selling milk grocery store cashier
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